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Look Eccentric with Electric Blue

Colors of clothes basic and that's all? It's time upgrade color trend electric blue The more striking blue color is guaranteed to make you the center of attention. The mix-and-match isn't difficult either! For both formal and casual styles, electric blue can be a mainstay to look more quirky. 


This time we will share tips on mixing and matching electric blue . Read more below. 

1. dress velvet electric blue guaranteed to make your formal style more memorable. Add blazer and heeled boots as a complement. 


2. Give a touch of pop of color to the outfit using a combination of trousers and tote bag all-electric blue Pair it with a leather trench coat and loafers for more leverage. 


3. Create monochromatic look using a matching set of turtleneck and pants electric blue Complete with silver hand bag a simple 


4. OOTD to the office wearing a blouse and pants, the material will be more special if it is stacked with an electric blue coat. Accessory hand bag and heels all white can be a mainstay


5. Look fashionable with a combination of sheer top and blazer electric blue more stylish wear platform boots to support your appearance.


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