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Exploration of Pleated Skirt Styles You Can Try

One type of clothing that is classified as timeless, not influenced by trends, is the pleated skirt. This type of skirt with pleated details is fairly easy to wear with any outfit. And suitable for any event, from casual to formal. Although the silhouette and details have not changed, the design continues to evolve. Starting from the play of colors, materials, to embedding additional details such as embroidery or embellishments. 


Need a mix n match idea for this type of elegant skirt?

Layering + Pastel Colors


Identical to the feminine style, you can give your own twist to make it look different. Like combining it with a tunic or oversized top. Do not tuck into the skirt, let it lengthen. Especially if your skirt is a midi or maxi skirt. In addition, combine pastel colors to make it look chic.

Casual Monochrome


Want to look edgy wearing a pleated skirt? The key is to choose basic colors like black and white. Pair a matching top and skirt with contrasting accessories. Choose the type of boyish shoes such as loafers.


Motive Combination


Now pleated skirts are also available in decorative motifs. In addition to lines, graphic motifs such as harlequins also give an artsy and contemporary impression. Pair it with a crop top and a blazer for a formal and fun look.

Retro Glamor


Speaking of materials, leather and faux leather have also been created in the form of a pleated skirt. Besides black, why not try one with a snake skin motif in a dark color like green?! In addition to a blouse, you can wear it with a short-sleeved sweater. Add accessories in the form of large earrings and pump shoes for a retro feel.



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