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BLACKPINK Jennie's Style at Paris Fashion Week 2022

Many world-famous artists were present at the biggest fashion event in the world, namely Paris Fashion Week 2022. This prestigious event has captured the public's attention in the past week. In addition to many international artists who came, two local Indonesian brands also had the opportunity to showcase their best products. One of the top artists who attended the Paris Fashion Week 2022 event was Jennie BLACKPINK. One of the members of the vocal group from South Korea was present as a global ambassador for Chanel, a brand that has become very global. There is something unique about Jennie's appearance at Paris Fashion Week 2022, which is her all-black look. Curious what it looks like? Come on, let's see!


1. Posing in front of the mirror, Jennie is wearing a black strapless crop top


Starting from tops, bottoms, bags, to cellphone cases, Jennie uses black as the theme for Paris Fashion Week 2022. Since the first, Jennie has been known to really like black. She wore a black strapless crop top paired with a matching mini skirt made of suede.

2. Being Chanel's global ambassador, she wears a black mini clutch as a complement to her appearance


Jennie was indeed appointed as a global ambassador for Chanel, a multinational fashion brand based in Paris, France. In her daily style, Jennie often uses Chanel items as a complement to her appearance. As in this photo, Jennie is carrying a mini clutch from Chanel which fits perfectly with Jennie's all-black look.


3. The necklace with the Chanel logo she wears attracts attention


From the start, the necklace that was wrapped around Jennie's neck was very unique and different from the usual kalun. This necklace has a chain-like shape that is covered in gold with a slight black accent. Not to forget, the Chanel brand logo is also pinned on the necklace.

4. Even though she looks edgy all black, Jennie is still cute with her braided hairdo


Jennie is known to often apply various styles to her hair. At the Paris Fashion Week 2022 event this time, Jennie gave a different touch. Her hair was braided and wrapped around her head like a bandana. Even though her appearance is edgy all black, her hairdo makes Jennie look cute.

5. White socks and black platform heels make it look less monotonous


The black open toe platform heels worn by Jennie also matched her overall appearance. Combined with white lace socks that look feminine, the all-black style doesn't look monotonous. Coupled with her cheerful pose makes anyone who sees it also wants to be like her.

Those are the five details of Jennie's style when she was present at the Paris Fashion Week 2022 event. Whatever her style and clothes, this rapper in BLACKPINK still looks beautiful and sweet. Nice look, Jenny!

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