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8 Recommended Blush Colors for Tanned Skin

8 Recommended Blush Colors for Tanned Skin  - Choosing the right product color is quite difficult, especially for owners of medium to dark skin. A blush color that is too light will contrast with the skin tone, while a color that is too dark will not show at all on the skin. Hmm, what color is right, eh, Bela? Do not worry! In fact, blush for tan and dark skin is very unique and special, you know. Here's a list of colors you can try.


1. Berry color  

At first glance, the blush color like this berry will look too bright, right? In fact, if applied, the color will look very natural, you know. You can also try wild berry or rapsberry fruit colors.  

2. Plum color 

Have you ever tried buying a purplish blush? Even though it looks like an unusual color for a blush, this plum-like purple can add drama and accentuate cheekbones for those with dark skin!  

3. Darker pink color 


For the appearance of cheeks that look shiny and healthy, choose a darker pink color. Cheerful colors like this can also give the impression of a cheerful appearance, perfect for summer wear.

4. Peach Color


Not only for owners of lighter skin, peach color is also very suitable for owners of medium, tan, and dark skin, you know! Peach blush can give a very natural blush, suitable to be applied to everyday makeup.  

5. Apricot color 


Quoting from Allure, blush colors like apricot are perfect for owners of medium skin with warm undertones. Colors like this make the cheeks seem to have a natural hue and look fresh. Blush is also suitable to be applied with bolder eye and lip makeup  

6. Mauve color  


Once the most sought after color last year, mauve blush seems to be suitable for owners of medium skin. Colors like this can define the cheeks of those with darker skin. Want to look more edgy? Apply monochromatic makeup with a mauve color theme! Blush on matte on the cheeks, mauve eyeshadow with a shimmer texture on the eyes, and glossy mauve lipstick on the lips.  

7. Brick or terra-cotta color 


If the plum color doesn't match your skin undertone, choose brick or dark terra-cotta. Both blush shades are very charming on dark skin. In fact, this color can also be used as contouring to define your cheekbones!

8. Bright tangerine color  


The cheerful orange color is not a blush for everyone, but on tan skin, this bright orange color will look natural and beautiful. Try applying it on your cheeks, your face will look flushed without being overly impressed! Apparently, there are lots of recommendations for blush on colors that are suitable for tan skin. Everything is unique and special! Come on, add your blush collection now  .


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