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7 Interesting Things from Chanel's Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

Chanel's Fall/Winter 2022 Collection  - Located at the Grand Palais phémère, Virginie Viard showcased her designs at the Paris Fashion Week show for the Chanel Fall/Winter 2022 collection. In this season's collection Virginie Viard uses various types of clothing materials while maintaining tweed as Chanel's signature fabric. Inspired by the Scottish countryside, Virginie Viard gives a Gabrielle Chanel touch to every look, from t

he use of tweed, layered necklaces to the iconic Chanel bag. In full, here are a series of interesting things from Chanel Fall/Winter 2022.


1. There are around 72 looks for the Fall/Winter 2022 collection that Chanel displayed at Paris Fashion Week. 


2. Inspired by the Scottish countryside, the purple, burgundy, fuchsia, pink and turquoise color palette is the color reference used by Virginie Viard in this collection. 


3. Chanel maintains the iconic tweed with increasingly diverse designs, from cheongsam-style coats, coats, knee-high socks to quilted bags. 


4. Special for Fall/Winter 2022 Chanel released a collection of rubber rain boots in various colors with the Chanel logo. 


5. Chanel has re-issued vintage layered necklaces and chain belts which have become a trend in the 80s. 


6. The super tiny bag is also a highlight of the Fall/Winter 2022 collection with a touch of Chanel's iconic details. 


7. Chanel's fashion show at Paris Fashion Week is increasingly becoming a conversation with the presence of Jennie BLACKPINK who is Chanel's global ambassador.  


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